About Della & Carolyn

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We are Vancouver Realtors and our promise is to work in your best interests at all times. We are confident that you’ll find our approach refreshingly personal and impeccably professional.

Della Gough

I’ve built my business and my reputation on honouring my client’s connection to their homes. Whether they are selling their family home or looking for a place to start, I’ve always believed that the choice should be one that adds to their legacy. It’s more than an investment, it’s your home and the stage on which the story of your life unfolds.

Experienced, Focused and Professional


They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something, so I guess I’m an expert at real estate several times over. It’s been my career and my passion since 1990. I’ve helped people find and purchase their first home, sell their family home, upsize, downsize, buy and sell every kind of property.

I’ve focused my career on helping people navigate the complexities of Vancouver real estate with confidence and peace of mind. I’m mindful of the stress and uncertainty that my clients sometimes experience, and I always countering that uncertainty with an unwavering determination to do what is best for them, their goals and their future.

I am a professional. I diligently work to understand the latest developments in real estate practices and legal requirements. I regularly upgrade my education through courses offered by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. As well, I work to stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape of Vancouver real estate development. I bring my professional knowledge to every real estate transaction I’m a part of.

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Carolyn Rutherford

Carolyn grew up in Victoria with her parents as Realtors. Throughout her marriage her husband has been a builder. She became immersed in both the real estate world and construction world which caused her to gain a deep love and passion for both sales and design.

Carolyn has a life motto, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” This motto has been the thread that has been woven throughout her career paths. This has brought her from selling, creating and managing large scale events, which included set design, to traveling across Canada managing campaigns, getting children sponsored who were in desperate situations, and then seeing firsthand the transformations in many communities across Tanzania. This has also led to missions in both India and the Philippines as she loves to make a difference in what she does.

Carolyn and her husband have been excited to call Vancouver their home and this is where she has been able to combine her two passions of sales and design with her life motto to pour into who she is as a Realtor. She is creative, enthusiastic, honest, passionate, self-driven and trustworthy and only wants to work for her client’s best interests. She deeply values her relationships with clients and fellow industry professionals as she works exclusively in the residential and assembly markets.

Communicating early and often, Carolyn’s warmth ensures her clients are kept up-to-date throughout the entire home buying and selling process. Her expertise and unwavering dedication to research around current market conditions allows her to help her clients make the best decisions when it comes to buying or selling. When she is not working to find someone the perfect home, Carolyn loves spending her time with her husband, children, grandchildren, family and friends here, on the Island and across the world.

Do you have any real estate questions? Call me today.